12 januari 2017


Dear readers,


Today I painted over an old 50/50 painting that I had used as a ‘throw-away-board’. Nicholas Wilton inspired me to use  small canvas to ‘throw away’  your leftover paint, to create an interesting background for the next painting.

But I actually did not like it and was not inspired by what I had thrown away, so I painted it all over.

I decided to use only big brushes. Most are 7 centimeter wide I think. Some foambrushes, but also some cheap brushes from the hardware store. I liked them all! I will buy more of them since I think this might be a big key to paint freely. If you have such a big brush in your hand you give away quite a bit of control, and that gives more interesting paintings, at least that is my opinion and experience.

This is work in progress, so I hope to continue tomorrow. I thought too late of the possibility to start with two or more paintings again. I liked that very much when I painted on 100/100 cm. First have to order more canvases though.

As I told this is 50/50 cm, and I have to admit that I like painting bigger (than the 20/20 of the last few weeks) very much. I guess I love them both, and it is the best idea to change sizes often.


Thanks for reading!




  1. Dotty Seiter

    Ha! What a wonderful mess! Bigger surface, bigger brushes, and giving a bigger hand to chance with the resulting relinquishment of quite a bit of control. It’s fun to see the larger scale of your shapes. I’m eager to see where this painting takes you.

    • Simone Nijboer

      Me too! 😉


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