12 juni 2017


Dear reader,

Today my son had a day off from school, so the whole day had a different rhythm. That’s why I was very late at work, and I almost thought: no creating today. But then I thought: this is completely against my philosophy. There is always time to create for 5 minutes.

So I did, I took an old paper, put some Golden Fluid Acrylics on it (the black and blue with an old credit card), then some Neocolor II crayons, and that was about it.

It is going straight in the paper bin, but it was good to take a very few minutes to just be immersed in color, line and shape.


Have a wonderful and creative day!




  1. Simone Nijboer

    1. Yes. But yesterday I also thought: I should also leave room for slacking. Otherwise it might be too much pressure. Even 5 minutes can sometimes be too much, or feeling forced. What do you think?
    2. Maybe wait for a few days. I am going to check things out, but that might take some time, since there is so much on my plate right now. In the meantime I am going to disable the sign-up-fields.
    3. 😉


  2. Dotty Seiter

    1. “There is always time to create for 5 minutes.” Amen!

    2. Shall I try again to subscribe to your daily blog, or wait a few days? I THINK I subscribed to the blog, but maybe I mistakenly subscribed only to the newsletter (which I also want).

    3. Take today’s painting right back OUT of your paper bin. Send it to me and I will use it as collage—or use it that way yourself! : )


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