14 april 2016


Dear readers,


Today (again) very little time (that happens too often, lately), so I only finished the third one with crayon and charcoal. It is always surprising to me what black and white lines do in a painting.


Thank you for stepping by and have a nice day!




p.s.: to the right you find the family of four, with only one little youngster left over to grow up.

You have to turn your head to the right, I can’t get the photo straight up. WordPress does not support me today!

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  1. Dotty Seiter

    It’s wonderful to watch this family come to maturity, and I love being able to see the photo above, with three grown up and one not. It helps me see your process, and to see what makes a visual impact. Well, I say it helps, as though I might have been able to translate what I see above to my own work in some way—that is not yet the case, much to my disappointment!


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