14 juni 2016


Dear readers,


Today I worked further on the 50/50 painting of yesterday. Really having fun! I guess the whole atmosphere of yesterday (don’t worry, because you are going to paint over 3/4 of it anyway) stayed with me.

Today I only used blue/green paint ad my beloved neocolor crayons to finish the painting. And (always dangerous because it is difficult to paint over) charcoal.

The painting looks very ‘childish’ to me, but I realize that I can also take that as a compliment in stead of critique: I’m at least not pretending I am a grown up girl 😉


Have a nice day!



ps: to see for myself the difference between yesterdays stage and the finished (or: who knows if it is going to change a bit more?) I post the two pictures of them.


ps: I actually have given this one a name: hedgehogs in sea (egels in zee).






  1. Dotty Seiter

    From a grammar website:

    Childish and childlike have roughly the same definition—of, like, or related to a child or childhood—but childish has negative connotations, and childlike usually does not. Childish is often synonymous with words like infantile, immature, silly, juvenile, and foolish, all of which are usually negative. Childlike is closer to words like innocent, trusting, unfeigned, and pure, which are not negative.

    What I see in “Hedgehogs” and your work in general is innocent, trusting, unfeigned, and pure—which is why I am so drawn to it : )

    On a completely different note, Nova Scotia time is one hour ahead of time in Massachusetts, and I’m taking pleasure in knowing the time difference between us right now is one hour less than usual!

  2. Simone Nijboer

    Hi Dotty, thank you so much for your enthousiasm!
    Yes, I like it too! I’m glad you support my ‘childishness’…

  3. Dotty Seiter

    “Hedgehogs in Sea” is vibrantly, playfully, energetically, colorfully, mischievously, whimsically, and uninhibitedly childlike: very captivating and appealing! The quiet space in the center area is inspired. LOVE this painting.


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