14 juni 2017


Dear reader,


Today I am again not taking a lot time to create. It is very sunny over here and I am taking half a day off.

But: I only looked around to do something really small, and I saw a small piece of paper with Dutch English translations. It is from a list of the  most used English words, that secondary school children need to know: the very basics. My daughter is wrestling with her English, so my husband printed this out.

And since I am now communicating so much in English (and really feeling very frustrated about that sometimes), he printed it out again for me too. Some copies were double, so I used one of them to put some colours on. I was very surprised that Green Gold and Quinocradone Magenta mix to such a beautiful orange/brown colour.








  1. Simone Nijboer

    Thanks Dotty!
    Indeed, it is fun, the Dutch-English connection. I don’t hope I sound grumpy in my post of today (15th), about my frustration with going deeper with English. The world of languages is so rich!

  2. Dotty Seiter

    love this piece for its dutch-english underlayer and for your playfulness in picking it up for a quick paint on a sunny day that you took as a half work day—hooray for you! and hooray for the FEEST of marks and colors!


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