15 december 2016


Dear readers,


Yesterday I did not paint because I was ill and all day in my bed. Today I feel better, and I decided to paint anyway. So I did, in my pyjamas. Very simple: I covered a 20/20 cm piece of wallpaper that I already had cut and prepared with gesso and white paint before, I used Golden fluid acrylics (quinocridone nickel azo gold) as an underlayer, and on top of that only crayons (the watersoluble Necolor II’s that are absolutely fabulous).

Because it was only crayons it was all really simple: only one brush to rinse and next to nothing to clean up. Have to keep that in mind if I have very little time or so.






  1. Simone Nijboer

    Thanks! It is indeed fun, that even with the smallest set of supplies one can just start creating;-)

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Glad to know you’re back on your feet, at least enough to crawl in your pj’s to your studio! Great idea to go small and use minimal-fuss materials/supplies. And now you have a brand new painting that didn’t exist when you woke up today : )


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