15 februari 2017


Dear readers,


Yesterday I went to see the exhibition place again. Nice! Am looking forward to it.

Today very little time again, so I painted small: 15/15 cm, more or less the same colours as monday.


Thanks for reading!



  1. Simone Nijboer

    Hi Dotty,
    Thanks for your remarks! I like what you say about the pink: it is indeed that everything you paint is relative to the rest…

    I think this painting took me about half an hour, maybe 40 minutes. I used my fingers again to spare brushes (did not want to have lot of work because of cleaning them), and I worked VERY quick. I had an early appointment, and I always need time to change activities and time to clean up and prepare).

    Actually I wanted to paint bigger (50/50 or so), since I found out that I could use some mid-range paintings (not small, not big) for the exhibition. But with so little time I chose for very small. Which was good after all!

    Thanks as always for your remarks!

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Exhibition place: !!!!!

    So much cheer in this 15/15 cm piece. Flow! Freedom! Color—especially those pinks! Even as I mention those pinks, though, I realize that without the context of the whole painting, they would be ‘nothing’ by comparison to what they are here. Awesome.

    Can you estimate how long it took you to paint it? I’m curious.


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