16 augustus 2016


Dear readers,


Today is the first day after I came back from a holiday in the south of France. (Which was wonderful!)

And after doing all the washes and putting back all the stuff where it belongs, my husband suggested I should pick up my art practice again, before my ‘official’ workweeks start again.

And of course he was right.

It is always a bit difficult to come back to my art practice after a period of being away. I have been out of my usual rhythm, so: where to start?


I got inspired by a blogpost of Nicholas Wilton about using his orbital sander (schuurmachine) (see here and here)

He is using a hard surface to work on, and he showed how he used his orbital sander on his paintings.

Because of that I thought about a piece of masonite (mdf) that I had somewhere. So I worked on that. I first gessoed it very well, sinds it is very absorbent. It is nice that a different substrate gives other possibilities. It ‘feels’ different, and the paint works different on it. Scraping for instant is more easy. And I tried out sanding with a piece of sanding paper.

The size is 21/30 cm (something like 8 – 12 inch).

Of course it is not finished: I will work on it further.


I am curious to know how other painters start up their painting after holiays!












  1. Simone Nijboer

    Me too 😉
    Love to see you back too!

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, you have returned from holiday!

    You have returned to your art practice!

    I am smiling : )


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