16 juni 2017: Een leeg koffiepak


Dear reader,


Today I did something in the series: ‘Do something with the first thing you see in the morning that catches your attention’. In this case it was an empty package of coffee.

I made a small collage of it on black paper





  1. Dotty Seiter

    Your point is well taken that having a Dutch post title on a site that is completely English does not make sense. In fact, it could detract from gaining wider audience—just the opposite of what you wish!

    I do agree that having post titles adds an interest factor (even though it is more work!).

    And I do still think having a snippet of Dutch in each post is appealing (at least to me!).

    Your question about less vs. fewer made me laugh because for some reason I was thinking about JUST that grammar rule one day this week when we were hiking! Less is used for singular mass nouns, fewer is used for countable items. Examples: less art, fewer paintings; less food, fewer carrots; less pain, fewer headaches. HOWEVER, (1) anyone reading ‘less mistakes’ would totally comprehend your meaning, and (2) MANY native English speakers use less and fewer incorrectly all the time and have no idea whatsoever that there is any grammar rule!

    The beautiful sunshine continued for most of the morning but then gave way to heavy rain!

  2. Simone Nijboer

    Hi, Dotty!
    I am not sure if the title is going to stay. I am playing with YOAST, an SEO-plugin, and they suggest that I should take more interesting post titles than ’16 June 2017′. Understandable. But: should I write them in Dutch, on a site that is completely in the English language? Does not make sense. Even though ‘Een leeg koffiepak’ sounds more interesting maybe ;-).

    At this moment I am using ‘Grammarly’ as an online English grammar enhancement tool. Let’s check if you find fewer mistakes in my English…! For instance: I wrote ‘less mistakes’, and Grammarly says: ‘fewer mistakes’. Do you agree with Grammarly?

    Yes: indeed, the feeling of being creatively immersed in ‘making something’ is the same, but painting might be more ‘poetic’ for me, in the sense that there is less ‘given’. On ‘het lege koffiepak’ there are already letters and pictures. Paper and paint are very open and ’empty’ materials: everything is possible with them.

    I chose for this collage making because I feel busy. I guess next week I will try to make more space for ‘real’ painting. In the meantime, it still feels good to do something creative every day. Because indeed: the feeling of being engaged in a creative activity is similar.

    I used simple black paper, did not paint it.

    bye! Have a good weekend, and enjoy your sunshine!

  3. Dotty Seiter


    First, you gave your blog post a title. In Dutch! Having a post title is new! Having it in Dutch is new! Both really enjoyable to this particular reader : )

    Second, I am enjoying your ‘Do something with the first thing you see in the morning that catches your attention’ series. Fun idea. I immediately found myself picturing your making this piece—the process is so accessible. It occurs to me that you most likely felt engaged in creative energy that felt not unlike the creative energy you feel when you paint—you were present to ‘making.’ In other words you were caught up in the physical making and the internal intuitive decision-making. True?

    Third, thank you for the gift once again of seeing the pleasure that can be had in creating something/anything spontaneously and intuitively and quickly. Recently I have been aware of how ‘precious’ I still am in much of my creating.

    Finally, a question: did you use black paper you had on hand, or did you paint black paper?

    Side note: I have been taking in a beautiful sunrise as I’ve typed to you : )


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