16 maart 2016


Dear readers,


Today another one in the same ‘spacy’ format. Everytime I learn something new. For instance: the Azarite blue is really transparant, but if you put enough layers on each other, you finally get a really dark blue. And this gives some depth in the picture, I think.

The most frightening thing were the two blobs in the middle of the blue fields. I missed something white there, and just before finishing the painting I threw some drops of white, straight out of the bottle on the blue. At first I thought the right blob had ruined it all, but now I think it is okay, and keeps the painting from being too symmetrical. Maybe….

Anyway: I still like it!


At this moment I am reading a lot from Nicholas Wilton’s blog. He is talking a lot about the important of an ‘art practice’. I totally resonate with it, and I am still really happy with the daily painting. It keeps me on the painting horse, in stead of putting it in the stable.



Have a nice day, and thanks for visiting!





  1. Simone Nijboer

    Thanks Dotty! It’s always nice your associations. Every time I see those scratches on another blue surface, I think about skaters’ etchings.


  2. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, the two deep blue “blobs” with the white thrown on them create the impression of frozen ponds. The white appears to lie almost on glass, with (skaters’?) etchings on the surface, and great mysterious depths below.

    Thanks for the link to Nicholas Wilton. I’d watched one or two of his videos previously but your mention of him has taken me back to his blog for more.


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