16 september 2016


Dear readers,


Today I did not really feel like painting. I did not know how to go further with the big pink one…

And I have no new canvases to distract myself 😉


But I started anyway. And liked it! I am very happy with my daily routine. If I would not have it this whole painting-thing would very easy slip away, when I am a bit discouraged, or don’t know how to go further.


I went further with the pink one: going in all kinds of directions, but finally started with covering up a lot of area’s (a pity that I did not make photo’s of all the stages in between, since there happened a LOT today!)

I was inspired to use pink, because of some artists that I admire (for instance Line Juhl Hansen, Trine Panum, Lola Donoghue, who are not afraid to use pink). It scares me a bit though, all this baby-pink in my workspace.

So we’ll see if I keep it!



The other thing that I did is making a ‘throwaway-board’. I was inspired by a blogpost of Nicholas Wilton. He uses a small canvas or board to paint off the last paint of his palet, when he is finishing painting. This gives him the opportunity to just paint away, without worrying about the outcome (it is a throwaway-board anyway). Paradoxically, these throwaway-boards often turn out really well –  because you are not so invested in them, so the art is really loose and playfyl.

My throwawayboard was a painting of 50/50 cm that I found really boring. So I just threw some pink, blue, white and magenta on it!


You can see both of the results here:


Of course they are all in progress,








  1. Simone Nijboer

    Hi Dotty!

    Thank you!
    I feel honoured by your looking 10 times to my painting! Yay!
    I already painted over a lot of the pink, the same day. I almost feel ashamed of so much pink. Maybe I am still trying too much to be a grown op girl?

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Both of these pieces bring me an upbeat feeling of cheer each time I look at them, and I’ve looked at them at least 10x in the last few days. I love Nicholas Wilton’s idea of a throwaway board—I’d read that post also. The difference is, you jumped right in and created one; I have not yet! The throwaway board captures my attention with its softnesses.


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