17 februari 2016

Feb 17, 2016 | Kunst

Dear readers,


Today: more earth colours, and more 20/20 cm.

I was doubting: am I repeating myself over and over again with those colours, those same drips? But then: I am very inspired by what Jane Davies says: that working in series is really helpful: you don’t worry too much if every piece is coming out as you want it. And that you learn something along the line. You might already be bored, but maybe the learning process is not finished at all yet! There might be possibilities still waiting to come out!

For instance: today I experimented with Indian ink. I used a hard brush to create all those very little drops by spraying it over the page. Now my fingers are black! I actually used that brush because I couldn’t find my Indian Ink pen. I was frustrated, but it is nice that those very small drops came into being without planning so.

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  1. Simone Nijboer

    Thank you!
    Yes, the little black dots: aren’t they nice? I guess you also could use a toothbrush or so…
    with love,

  2. Dorothy Seiter

    Simone, as today’s painting came onto my screen, before it was even fully loaded I was asking myself, “How did she get that spray of little black dots?” Thanks for answering before I even asked you!

    I like the colors and the feelings of freedom, playfulness, and intuition in this piece and the others in your current series. Your painting feels open and uninhibited.

    I also enjoy the internal dialogue you share with us when you write—your questions to yourself and your responses to yourself.


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