17 mei 2016


Dear readers,


Today was a day that I again understood why daily painting is the difference between keeping on painting and losing heart and quit altogether.

At this moment I am busy in my coaching business, so I have lots of other (very interesting and inspiring) things to do. I was not inspired by the painting I did last friday, so I did not know how to go further. In general I am not so sure in which direction I am heading with my art.

So this morning the only reason that I showed up painting was the fact that I more or less promised myself to paint every day.


And I enjoyed it actually very much!

This one is 50/50 cm, on paper. I had no idea in mind (so no ‘theme’ today!), just started painting, turned the painting many times around. I threw myself in the unknown, for instance by putting up the yellow which did not turn out very well at first. But once on the paper I had to ‘make something of it’. And this got me back in the simple fun of painting.



with love,




  1. Simone Nijboer

    Thanks Dotty!
    If I ever get out of work, I might change careers to textile-design;-)

  2. Dotty Seiter

    And you DID make something of it, Simone! Something playful and carefree and joyful! I’m so glad you made and are keeping your promise to yourself to paint every day.

    This painting would make a great design for children’s bedsheets!


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