2 februari 2017


Dear readers,


Today I painted further on a small piece of (wall) paper that I already had put a first layer on. I worked very freely until I reached a certain point where I did not know where to go further. I was inspired by a video of Betty Krause (see here and here) to watch.

What I found beautiful and interesting about that video that Betty changes her painting so many times. After the painting is over she has painted over the whole thing much more than once, I think. What I found inspiring is not to go too soon for a final product, but just give the process a chance, and give the painting a chance to find out itself. I tend to think that I ruined a painting when I am still in the middle of it.

Today I could think: oh, it is only paper and paint. Who cares? The most important thing is that I have fun, and keep exploring.


To give an expression where I was on the point of: ‘I am going to stop’, and where I was thinking: ‘hmm, remember that video?’, and painted on until it is finished (at least, for now ;-)) You can see the photo down under.







  1. Simone Nijboer

    Thank you Dotty!
    You wake up early, actually!
    Yes, isn’t it great to see Betty paint? I find it very freeing indeed, and gives me hope that how many layers you put on, there can always come a moment that you think: yes, it’s done now.

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, this post is such a gift, a great way to start my day. Thank you! Totally loved watching Betty Krause—so freeing to see her in action. Wow.

    Also, I REALLY like where you took your painting today. Thanks for showing where you stopped/paused … and then painted on.


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