20 maart 2017


Dear readers,


Today I continued working on my diary. It is on a very small scale, I think 22 by 15 cm (9 – 6 inch). Very easy to work in, so nice to start my day this way. Takes VERY little time, I like that for now. Have spent so much time the past months painting big paintings. Which was so much fun, but I very much like to scale it down for now.

I like the colour combination of Cobalt Turquoise, Permanent Violent Dark and Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold. (all of Golden). With purple, teal, pink and brown crayon (and marks of thin pencil and black and white acrylic markers). Very nice to check out all the colours of the expensive paints that I bought for Jane Davies’ class a while ago.






  1. Simone Nijboer

    Thanks!!! This journal – story is not ended yet 😉

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, your journal is wonderful! I love the colors and the unfolding story of your daily painting, and I enjoy hearing about how this small work and this format for painting call to you right now in your creative life.


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