20 mei 2016


Dear readers,


Today I worked further on the big painting. It is getting closer to its completion.


I discovered again the importance from ‘layers’ versus ‘opaque surfaces in one colour’. Because I had many layers over each other, it all became very busy. Now I added a lot of turquoise straight out of the bottle, and it seems to help the painting come together.

I actually enjoyed painting very much, eventhough I was afraid that I would be too attached to ‘the painting, so I would become afraid of spoiling it. But I wasn’t: I just painted along.


Have a nice day!



  1. Simone Nijboer

    Thanks Dotty!
    Yes, that is a great idea: to post the whole history of this painting (including the start that I painted 15 years ago!)

  2. Dotty Seiter

    I continue to be fascinated by the process of developing this piece; really fun to watch it evolve. When it’s complete, please post its history from start to finish in one post if you’re willing.

    I’m fascinated by what using the opaque turquoise did to let the piece become more ‘together’ and cohesive. I’m also fascinated by your use of line to define and/or create more distinct shapes; doing so adds to the visual interest of the piece for me.


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