20 september 2016


Dear readers,


Back to the shapes (see for the assignment 14 september).


I used: simple pencil-drawn shapes, filled with liquid acrylic (blue green), and using masks, making the negative shape.2



Simply drawing shapes with a big brush and back paint.



Cutting out five shapes, and using them in three manners:

-as a mask (black paint around them, and finally using white crayon)

-as a stamp (using black crayon to make the outline)

-and finally as a collage (there happened to be some text at the back side, but I just let it be there).



Because of the experience with collage, I cut out 8 shapes from a magazine, and made three different collages of them (didn’t stick them to the paper – so literally it is not a collage).






  1. Simone Nijboer

    Thanks for your enthousiasm!
    I’ll write to you more by mail…

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, I’ll respond to your Lesson 3 pieces at the class blog, too, where I’ll aim to make OBSERVATIONS, as Jane is inviting and teaching us to do, but here I’ll speak to the lovely energy that your work continues to shine out to me—a childlike, free-to-play, exploratory energy. I love the absolute simplicity of your painted black shapes, especially the one on the left. (I am learning so much about myself through this class, not the least of which is my tendency to over do!). I also totally love your (not glued!) collage variations; what a terrific way to play with shapes. The one on the right may be a jellyfish!


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