21 augustus 2017


Dear reader,


The first day after quite a long holiday! It is fun to start painting again, even though I had a little bit angst beforehand. But then I thought: what would I advise somebody else, somebody who is just starting out?

I would say: just start scribbling with a pencil, with a marker, throwing a bit of paint on it, no worries, just do something. After that liquid acrylics, more paint. And after that: crayon.

There are of course very many possibilities. This is just one.


Because I have experience doing this, it turns out looking good enough. But in essence, it is the same thing as if you would start completely new, from the beginning.
Bye the way, I worked on cheap copy paper, nothing serious involved 😉


I hope you all start or continue creating!






ps: I am not able to upload photo’s right now because of iCloudproblems. I hope to be able to post them as soon as possible!




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  1. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, welcome back! Welcome back to both of us—I just returned home from camp a few hours ago and am so glad now to have the chance to catch up with your blog. It’s fun to read your thoughts as you jump back into painting after your long holiday.

    But no painting because of iCloud problems!!!


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