21 februari 2016

Feb 21, 2016 | Kunst

Dear readers,


Today I have been working on some quite technical exercises. I have been making an old fashioned ‘colour wheel’, starting with the colours Quinocridone Magenta, Manganese Blue en Quinocridone Nickel Azo Gold. These colours have more or less the same grey value, so the colour circle also has the same value – more or less….


Second: I made swatches of all my colours today, and watched how each colour has a certaint ‘grey value’. Interesting!


And at last I made a light/dark scale from one of my colours; Alazarine Blue, with white and black at the ends, and in between all kinds of tints and shades.


thanks for visiting!









Here below you find the alazarine-scale from white to black:

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