23 maart 2016


Dear readers,


Today: quite a messy day.

I continued to paint on the big painting: but I was bored with the all-too-predicatable shapes from the last weeks, so I decided to more follow direct impulses and just start painting. I switched back to the cheaper study-quality paint. Otherwise this whole painting big thing would have left me broke!

It all ended up in a big mess, at least, that’s what I feel right now.

I am noticing all sorts of things. For painting big I don’t get instant gratification in the form of a finished product. So I have to be able to hold all those feelings of ‘where-is-this-going?’ much longer. Right now I feel like painting the whole thing white again. But I guess I should give it a try again. Painting over is always a possibility.

Talking about painting over: I painted over two canvases of 50/70 cm, that I don’t like anymore. I just re-use them. I am inspired by Nicholas Wilton to work in multiples: to work at more canvases at the same time. In the case of big painting it is almost necessary: it takes ages to dry. If you don’t work on multiples you end up just waiting and using the hairdryer lots of time! So: I am going to experiment with that. Quite something in my all too crowded workspace. I don’t have place for an easel, so I sit on the ground, that is on a meditation bench. See below for the photo.

And: above you see the little 20/20 cm that I started yesterday. So I still have my finished product-kick for today!


thanks for visiting! And I hope you keep good spirits with your mess, if there is any 😉




  1. Simone Nijboer

    Thanks Dotty!

    So nice knowing I’m not alone in this mess!
    The painting lying on the bottom is the one I already painted over one time. So this is the third round already for this one!
    When I took the photo I only put one layer of white over it. It costs me bottles of white to get rid of all this old stuff!

    Thanks again for participating in this fascinating journey!

  2. Dorothy Seiter

    So many thoughts running through my mind:

    1. I love everything about your “mess”! Everything—the open paint, the brayer, the spray bottle, the newspaper, the painting flat on the floor (want to get closer and see that one), the rolls of wallpaper in the bin under the eaves, the eaves themselves, the cozy feel of the room, the skylight …

    2. Love hearing about your movement through your new painting, how getting bored with predictable shapes has pushed you to shift gears.

    3. Fascinated by your observations about painting big vs. painting small, especially your noticing that you have to hold the where-is-this-going feeling for a longer time.

    4. Sweet that you gave yourself a finished-product kick for the day even though your focus right now is on the larger painting.


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