24 oktober 2016


Dear readers,


Today is the first day after my week of holiday in French Brittany (Bretagne). A wonderful and inspiring place.

No painting there, but today I started fresh again.


I still have two days to enter the assignments for Jane Davies course (wednuesday starts the new course-week with new assignments). So today I started with two pieces.

The assignment was: make a painting with a strong busy-quiet difference. So make areas that are busy (by colour, pattern, value differences) and areas that are quiet (by using the same or a muted colour, by veiling, low contrast, etcetera)


For me an interesting assignment, since my own paintings tend to be busy. And when I want to quiet them down, they still end up busy. So I am wondering what this assignment will bring me. Only two days to go so I wil probably not enter more paintings than six.




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  1. Dotty Seiter

    Welcome home, Simone! Even though your paintings are often busy, I pictured that this assignment would be one you might dive into without fuss, as you seem to have done above. I am still shaking my head at how challenging the assignment was for me (the challenges all self-induced!!). Great job with yours—they seem direct and on target, and to me they carry your signature ease of self-expression.

    FYI, your blog still does not show your art until after clicking on the date; that seems like a drawback to viewers. Also, you had a post on Oct 13, and it’s no longer in the blog. You may have removed it yourself but, if not, I wanted you to know it’s gone missing!


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