28 juni 2017


Dear reader,


Today I started painting again on the big 100/100 cm painting. It was staring at me, saying: ‘I am so bored with myself. Do something about it!’ And since I was in a particular careless mood, I did. And indeed: Who cares? I have all these canvases here – it doesn’t matter when at least one is going to be completely spoilt).

I also was particularly inspired by my own small experiment yesterday on an old paper folded in two. I always love the feeling of layeredness, I also like mixed media very much (when it does not exist only from big-eyed puppet-like girls as most mixed media art seems to do).

So I took a piece of paper, and after that also yesterday’s experiment on paper, and I glued them on the big painting. Actually: technically it is not fun. It costs a lot of matte gel medium (why is it called that way actually – what does ‘matte’ means?). And: you never get it glued right. There is always air under the paper that keeps bubbling up.  But then again: it gives nice effects when you rip it off… (see above).

But: these bubbles are making the painting fragile in the end, I think. What if it hangs somewhere and some little kid starts picking it? All those interesting small scratchable parts?

Since I was in this careless mood I did not care, I just tinkered on, not having any ‘artistic’ expectations. I love to be in that state and finally, I know that from this state the best work arises.







  1. Dotty Seiter

    ‘cheap drawing paper’ is Jane’s term and it’s heavier than copy paper but inexpensive. She gets . I’m guessing you can find the equivalent. I ordered a package of 100 sheets for our class and I continue to use and like it for a variety of purposes.

    here’s a link to see mat board

  2. Simone Nijboer

    Thanks for all the practical advice. That helps. Indeed I like the typography on the newspapers – maybe that’s what I like the most about it. Maybe I should change to magazine paper or even better quality paper.
    I indeed love tissue paper too.
    I have never found out very well what ‘cheap drawing paper’ is. Is it heavier than copy paper?

    About the ‘matte’ I have another question. Sometimes I read that a picture is ‘matted’ and framed. Is it something like using a passe-partout?


  3. Dotty Seiter

    I am always grateful for your carelessness reminders. I think the piece I’m currently working on is screaming at me to “STOP TRYING SO HARD! JUST HAVE FUN!” Maybe now I’ll listen!

    Matte medium is medium with a flat/dull/non-reflective finish (vs. gloss).

    Re collage and bubbles—in my experience, the bubbles result from the type of paper used. Magazine and newspaper pages bubble easily, and I find that type of paper harder to work with, although I like having typeface on my collage paper. I now use either tissue paper b/c I WANT its wrinkliness and translucency or I use what Jane Davies calls cheap drawing paper b/c I get far fewer bubbles. I use a bit of medium on my finger and rub the surface of the collage until it is flat and securely adhered. If I do get bubbles with some papers, I sometimes take a fine point needle, poke a hole in a bubble to give the trapped air an escape valve, and then rub it flat.

    Thanks again for inspiring me!


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