28 november 2016


Dear readers,


Today I have been working on another 20/20 cm minipainting. I intent to make a whole bunch of them for the exhibition of March-April 2017. It is very nice since I usually can finish one in one sitting. This one is very layered: After a layer of colours I was not satisfied so I put another layer of white – and I thought I spoilt it. But then I worked further with transparant paint, and I think the last result has become more interesting than the first since it has more depth.


So the layers were:

transparant paint

opaque paint & crayons

white (with scratches)

transparant paint

opaque paint.& crayons








  1. Simone Nijboer

    Yes, I am looking forward how they will turn out! Would be nice to see a whole row of them together…

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, you make such terrific use of your crayons!

    Thanks for sharing the process steps—it’s always of interest to me to find out how the top surface of a painting came to be as it is.

    I love that you’re going to make a whole bunch of mini paintings for your spring show.


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