29 maart 2016


Dear readers,


Today no finished products again. I’m continuiting with the series of 4 that I started last thursday. I am actually really positively surprised by this working at more paintings at the same time. It has the drawback of ‘not being able to post some finished product’. But that might be the good thing too. I now can decide how long I allow myself to paint, in stead of how long it takes to finish something (or: rush because I don’t have time to finish something).


Very practical: the paint needs time to dry, and if I paint four at the same time, there is always one more or less dry.

When painting four paintings, there is always one the most ‘developed’. Then I can work on the others to that level, and then again there is another that speaks most, and then I can work to that level with the others. So the four pieces climb slowlyt up together.

Another thing: since there are four, I am not really able to keep track of it. So I just have a painting in front of me, I do what appeals most to me, but I am less distracted by: ‘is this one turning out okay’?

And now the last thing: because of all this, I get atteched less to the outcome, and that makes it also more easy to keep turning the paper 90 degrees more often. To not decide too soon that ‘this is going to be it’, but work in different directions until it ‘clicks’.


So: a nice experiment. Clearly not finished, so I am curious to how this is going to develop.


have a nice day!



  1. Dotty Seiter


    Yes, wonderful to have some virtual playground between us. I am actively grateful!

    Thanks for reminding me of how big these current pieces are. 20/20cm is an interesting size—small enough to be manageable in many inviting ways, but large enough to make some demands!

    Your comments about South Africa and Dutch words hit home with me; your sentiments about the juxtaposition of power and suppression were the precise ones I had as I read.


  2. Simone Nijboer

    Thanks Dotty,

    Yes: it is a pitty: a couple of thousands of kilometres in between!
    But it is nice to have some virtual playground in between, don’t you think!

    Those pieces are 20/20 cm (8/8 inch)

    Yes: indeed. I think that is the big secret of daily painting. You take such small steps, but a lot of them together make a whole development possible.

    About South Africa and the dutch words: I was just talking about that with my daughter lately. It is strange: that a language in one context can be so beautiful and powerful (I really like the dutch language with all its richness and beauiful expressions ), and in the other context it is associated with so much suppression.


  3. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, fun to see what you are working on / playing with after a few days of holiday. I appreciate your discussion of process and discoveries. Whenever I see your work or read your posts, I want to go immediately to my own studio to play. Well, I also often want to go to YOUR studio to play with YOU, but that is less likely to happen!

    Remind me, how big are these four pieces?

    I just went back to see your posts from the January 2015 30-in-30 Challenge, from way back before I’d met you. I am fascinated now to see the way your painting has developed over time.

    On a different topic, I just finished reading a light murder mystery novel set in South Africa. I thought of you often because there were so many Dutch-derivative words used in the story.


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