30 november 2016


Dear readers,


Today I had an interesting experience. I started to work on another 20/20 cm mini in more or less the same colours. Also because someone had showed interest in them, which made me really excited to work on it. I planned to make a whole series of it.

And today I struggled and struggled with this fifth one. I was never satisfied (while usually those small ones go really fast, in a flow), and I painted layer of layer, crayon over crayon. And: acrylic is forgiving as I wrote yesterday, but after many layers of crayon and acrylic everything starts to protest. No! Not more layers please!

So this is a lesson for me, I think. Series are really nice to make, but when it is finished, it is finished!


I post it anyway, so you can take a look and see for yourself.




  1. Simone Nijboer

    Hmm: yes I hoped that also this ‘out-of-flow’ blogpost might be as interesting that the ‘I-am-in-the-flow’ – ones. When you are in the flow you forget that you are sometimes out of it.

    And indeed: it shows in the painting. As overworking, too much effort. Etcetera.

    Maybe it is also the time that we are ‘recovering’ from all this hard work on the course that has exhausted us a bit 😉

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, your thoughts here are so helpful. And those scratches on green on turquoise in the center seem to be a visual counterpart to what you wrote: they are your stop sign! I am working on / playing with my (one) big canvas lately, moving in and out of flow (currently out!), trying to still myself enough to hear my inner voice, a voice that may be saying, Work on something else today.


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