31 maart 2016


Dear readers,


Today I worked again on the four paintings that I started before. This time three were left, and I finished one. With the other two I experimented with black and white drippings. Wonder where that is going!

Next you see a photo of the work in progress. Two are finished now, and two are left. You have again to turn your head 90 degrees: I can’t get the photo straight…






Here I post (as an answer to Dotty Seiter’s question below) a photo of my paint roller and my mechanical pencil!


  1. Dotty Seiter

    Perfect—thanks, Simone! I love the paint all over the pencil and roller handle : )

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, thanks for your answers to my questions. I would love to have you post a photo of the sponge roller you use. I have one image in mind but it may be different from what you use. I love your use of a mechanical pencil; I have just begun using them myself, having guessed from your paintings (and perhaps a previous conversation) what you might be using. Thanks for input on your class with Jane.

  3. Simone Nijboer

    Hi Dotty,

    Thanks! To answer your questions: the underlayer of white is applied with a ‘sponge roller’ – the think that you use to apply paint on a door or so. So something that you buy at a hardware store. I like the ‘spongy’ effect of it, I work a lot with it. You can also ‘push’ with it without rolling, and then you get a sort of spongy stripe.
    Difficult to explain all this!

    For the scraping I use a refillable pencil: the one that is really fine and thin. I use it for scraping away the paint, but I also use it as a pencil: it works both ways very well.

    Yes: Jane’s class is instructive. The thing of first applying muted colours and creating contrast with brighter colours is something I became much more aware of through her course. But the most important thing is maybe that I bought expenive paint with many beautiful colours for her course. On a small size like this it is worth the money. On bigger sizes it is going to be too expensive for me, I think, at least right now!

    Bye! Simone


  4. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, I am LOVING this series! Today’s new completed painting is stunning. Again, I am very drawn to the white on white; thanks for explaining how you achieved the effect of the opaque white, using Neo-color crayon on heated surface. Is the under layer of white applied with a brayer? What have you used to scratch out the circles surrounding the white circles? Your paintings make me eager to learn more about layering. Your colors are magnificent—I’m thinking I may take Jane Davies’s color class (if I ever finish my Dynamic Composition class!).


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