31 mei 2016


Dear readers,


Today working on the first 70/90 painting from a few days ago. Actually I felt a bit disappointed afterward. I had the feeling I had painted too much paint overย  the layer underneath. So I painted away the ‘interesting part’ – or so I felt.


Well, I guess it is a stage, but I felt a bit sad that some layers now were buried down under a load of paint and would never appear again!

I guess that is part of the process ๐Ÿ˜‰



I hope you have a nice day!



  1. Dotty Seiter

    I’m listening to BIG MAGIC on audiobook in 10-minute bits as I drive to the gym or run an errand. This morning:

    “What you produce is not necessarily always sacred, I realized, just because you think it’s sacred. What IS sacred is the time that you spend working on the project, and what that time does to expand your imagination, and what that expanded imagination does to transform your life. The more lightly you can pass that time, the brighter your existence becomes.”

    I am fascinated watching your current paintings develop. I know the feeling of disappointment you write of. But I am excited and curious, wondering where you will go next, what will evolve, the fun you will have along the way.

    • Simone Nijboer

      Thanks for remembering me to BIG MAGIC. I read it a few weeks ago and just LOVED it!

      And I absolutely agree that the products are not always magical, but the fact that I am sitting there, pulling out my paints, is a miracle in itself!
      And I am very grateful for that.

      And indeed: sometimes I feel really lightly, and sometimes I get a bit more in the ‘production’-mode.

      Even so I had fun this morning!

      Thank you for reminding me!



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