4 maart 2016


Dear readers,


I really struggled with this one… I planned to do another in my series of the last days. But I was not satisfied with the huge amounts of black paint on it, so I was ready to throw it in the garbage. But then I thought: hmm let’s give it a last chance, and finally it turned out to something acceptable (consuming a lot of time though: I don’t have that every day)….

Now it is not transparant anymore, like the ones before. It is loaded with heaps of white paint and carving in it, and more crayon, etcetera… A bit busy, but anyhow: it is there and I leave it there.

It reminds me of something that Jane Davies said a while ago, that someone said to her: ‘I ruined my painting, I worked on it too long’. On which she answered: ‘No, you haven’t worked long enough on it…’

Sometimes this helps me to not give up and stumble on. Sometimes stumbling I bump in something new. So for instance: the baby-green on the bottom of the painting is what you get when you mix the green gold with titanium white.


have a nice day!




  1. Simone Nijboer

    ;-) !!

    I absolutely agree!

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Love the baby green! Keep stumbling!

    I could have written the above post myself. I have spent vast amounts of time in the past few days on small-sized pieces of paper holding huge-sized struggles. Layers end up on top of layers. Transparency disappears. Starting ideas get buried under landslides. But discoveries abound. And, at some level, I think with a laugh, Why go wreck a clean piece of paper when I could just as easily wreck this one already in front of me?!


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