6 februari 2017


Dear readers,


Today I worked further on the 100/100 cm painting. Just exploring as free as possible, trying not to worry what will come next. Hereby I am inspired by Nancy Hillis, who always stresses just to paint freely, not worry about the outcome, don’t force yourself etc.

Very nice to do, and wonder where it is going. 😉




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  1. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, I so love being invited along on the exploratory adventure of your creating paintings. Love the composition of the detail at the top of your page! Also love the sky-darkening-before-a-brief-sudden-cloudburst feel of where your painting ended up today.

    It’s a good thing I exercise at the gym first thing in the morning b/c I might never get to it otherwise. I went to the gym and now I have been going art-related stuff (blogging/commenting/solving blog problems, not even painting yet!) for close to two hours.


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