6 juni 2016


Dear readers,


Today I already wanted to start with a series of five minute paintings (inspired by Jane Davies). But then I thought: why not work a little bit further on the series I started last week (with the blue/green/nickel azo gold kind of thing). To wrench the last drop out of it!


So I did. I liked it actually! It is 24/30 cm. Still like to work small. I have a busy week, and still don’t have the courage to work further on the Big Ones.

Tomorrow I will not be here probably. I am going to support a friend who is finishing her nursing degree. See you (hopefully) wednuesday!



  1. D,

    Simone, this painting is a sweet addition to your current series; love these two happy friends hanging out together! I like how they appear to be both separate but connected. I see the dark blue circles as inspiration; both characters have already partnered with a few ideas wanting to manifest, but one more idea is still floating out in space waiting to see if either of these characters will embrace it : )

    I did a five-minute painting two days ago, inspired by Jane! I was leaving to go to Maine at 645a for the day and overnight and much of Sunday, wasn’t thinking I could paint, but then I saw Jane’s post and thought, Oh yes I CAN paint today. So I did! I’ll post it in a few days.

    Thanks for the advance notice that you may not show up on your blog tomorrow.

    • Simone Nijboer

      Hi Dotty,

      Thanks! Yes, aren’t those 5-minute paintings a blessing? One Can Always Paint! Even just a black marker and some black fluid acrylics (or whatever) are enough to create. Even just a pencil and the back of an envelope are enough to create. Things don’t have to come out beautiful. We can always enjoy making something out of nothing.

      So: now I stop preaching ;-)

      But you made me think: Of course I can paint tomorrow… Just before I leave. You will see if I have made it tomorrow ;-)

      bye, Simone


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