7 juli 2016


Dear readers,


Today I experimented with fluid paint – again in a short time. I just put some fluid acrylics on four sheets of white copy paper. Pressed them against each other, to make some shapes (somewhat like the ‘Rorschach-shapes you had long ago).

And then experimented with crayon.

Not much time, but still something new: using fluid acrylics this way.


Another thing is: I already have a Pinterest page for a long time. There are so many awesome artists out there. Years ago I searched the web, but now it is so much more easy to find art on the internet. And I think Pinterest is a great way to collect them.


I had kept my Pinterest board hidden, but since yesterday they are public.






  1. Simone

    Hi Dotty!

    Thanks for your compliment!

    I don’t know exactly about Pinterest. I guess you have to become a member or so first. I don’t know if you want to do that.
    The websiteadress is: https://nl.pinterest.com/


  2. Dotty Seiter

    Once again, I admire your experimentation. Whenever I think of or tell my personal history as a painter, meeting you and your art is a pivotal point in the story. Your art is an ongoing invitation to me to peel away layers and get down to elemental self expression. I’m so grateful!

    I haven’t used Pinterest. How do I access your Pinterest board (since I have so much free time to get lost on the web!)?


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