7 juli 2017


Dear reader,


Today is the last day before the holidays start. And even though I have so many things to finish on my plate, I decided to paint anyway so I would bring this painting season to a decent end.

Very quick though, again with Nancy Hillis in mind – who encourages her students to paint daily (I think she recommends to just take 15 minutes or so, I am not sure). Making marks very intuitively and quickly, and that’s it.

I might not paint for another 6 weeks, but who knows? At least I hope to start again on August 21 or 22.


Have a great holiday!




  1. Simone

    Thanks, Dotty, we’ll keep in touch!

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, your Nancy-Hillis-inspired quick-paint today is refreshing and bold. The detail you featured in the top photo has such depth and impact—compelling.

    I like your mention of “this painting season.” You get me thinking about some kind of painting holiday for myself, or a shift of some kind in my painting. I will miss seeing daily painting from you, but that in itself creates a shift and a change of season in my own painting life!

    Have a great six-week holiday with your family!


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