9 februari 2016

Feb 9, 2016 | Kunst

Lieve mensen,


Vandaag werkte ik opnieuw op 20/20 cm. Fantastisch om de nieuwe tubes (dure…) verf uit te proberen, die ik heb gekocht voor Jane Davies’ kleurcursus.

Sinds dat ik begonnen ben met schilderen heb ik op de achterkant van behangpapier gewerkt. Het papier is stevig en werkt heerlijk (het enige nadeel is dat ik het telkens op maat moet knippen, dat kost behoorlijk veel tijd).

Maar iemand waarschuwde met dat het papier ‘zuur’ zou kunnen zijn. Ik was teleurgesteld: al het werk van de afgelopen tijd ‘voor niets’ gedaan. Maar vandaag vond ik op internet informatie waaruit bleek dat het allemaal niet zo’n vaart loopt. Als je het papier voldoende gesso’t en vernist, dan zorgt dat ervoor dat het papier niet bruin wordt en verkruimelt.



Een fijne dag!



Dear readers,


Today I worked on 20/20 cm again. I am trying out all the wonderful new and terriblly expensive colours that I bought for Jane Davies’ colour course that starts tomorrow. Working small saves money… And is nice anyway.

I have been working on the back of wallpaper all the time since I started, and really liking it, since te paper is really thick and sturdy. But somebody warned me that the paper might be acid. I was disappointed and disheartened (all that work done for nothing…). But today I found out on the internet that probably  it is not such a big problem, as long as you gesso and varnish the paper enough to keep it from turning brown and crumbling apart. If there are people who think otherwise I would love to hear it.

So for the time coming I happily paint on on my wonderful wallpaper (thanks Suzanne!)


bye bye!




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  1. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, thanks for the acidic paper link.

    My sense is that your working on wallpaper has been a tremendous gift to you—it has let you paint freely. It works for you. Use it!

  2. Simone Nijboer

    Hi Dotty!
    There is a whole conversation going on about this theme of acidic paper here: http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-614030.html

    Maybe the wallpaper is not perfect, but I guess indeed all the layers of paint, gesso and acrylic varnish will make prevent my painting from falling apart or turning brown.

    Furthermore: the wallpaper is really sturdy and nice to work on. And it saves LOTS of money since real good drawing paper is expensive!

    And: thanks again for listening for my ongoing stories!

  3. Dotty Seiter

    I feel so much life and story here. I keep leaning in to listen.

    I’m eager to know what else you find out about wallpaper. When I learned several months ago that you worked on the back of leftover wallpaper from your daughter’s bedroom, I was eager to try wallpaper myself, knowing we had some old leftover rolls in the basement … except when I went to the basement the wallpaper rolls were no longer there, to my great disappointment. Then, very much to my surprise, I found one of the rolls elsewhere in a place I would never have looked!


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