9 mei 2016


Dear readers,


After my vacation in the Ardeche, I started (inspired by the blogpost of Jane Davies), by just making lines. Below you see some of them. Inspired by the painter in the cave I started with charcoal, probably the most ancient of painting tools. I also used pencil and comté crayon.


I  found some of my experiences back in the paintings: the stacks of stones, the dolmen, the animals (I happen not to paint them as wonderful as the paleolithic artist ;-)). Also I happened to paint hands and feet – in the cave of Chauvet you find many negative and positive handprints. The negative handpaints they probably made by blowing paint around their hands.

I found the handprints really moving, since you sort of ‘shake hands’ with people of 30.000 years ago (who had more or less the same brainstructure, and were as ‘developed’ as we are).


I hope I will get back in the painting groove soon!








  1. Dotty Seiter

    Simone, I love your line drawings! I especially like the stacked stones and dolmen. What a great way to connect your vacation and your painting life at home. Thank you for sharing photos of the handprints painted in the caves. They are startling and awesome in their ability to connect us to folks from thousands of years ago—they look as though they could have been made today.

    • Simone Nijboer

      Yes, that was the feeling that I had. That they were essentially more or less the same kind of people that liked putting paint on their hands and push them against the rock wall: just as we like to do that!


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