A new tool: color pencils


Dear reader,


Today I started my first layer with colour pencil. I never worked with colour pencil before. But a few days ago my daughter had her 13th birthday, and I gave hare a big box of artist quality pencil (expensive!!!). She is a very creative child, always drawing, so the money was well spent.

I am allowed to draw with them, but only if I promised not to stain them with paint (as I already did with her crayons).

The pencils don’t work OVER acrylic paint. I guess the pigment does not stick to the acrylic. But it works well underneath the transparent paint. They give very fine lines, which blends in well with the thicker and more dominant crayon lines.






  1. Simone Nijboer

    Yes, I am afraid this box of pencils will have a hard time to defence itself against my greedy fingers!

  2. Dotty Seiter

    It’s ALWAYS a good idea to have a daughter or son to whom to give (expensive!) art supplies (or other items of value to yourself!). I enjoyed augmenting my wardrobe with castoffs when my daughter fell into my clothing size range (before she got taller and taller than I!), and I’ve already got my sights set on making sure I give my granddaughters terrific shoes when they fall into my size range : )

    Your playing with artist quality color pencils here is delightful!


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