Daily painting: Starting with black


Dear reader,


Today I started even simpler than the last few days. I should have clocked it. Not that painting quickly is a goal in itself, but if you know, you can paint something quick you know you don’t have to skip your daily practice if you are busy. (Or if you think that you are busy – as I probably do).

I started with black this time, drybrushing it on the (copy)paper. After that, my beloved Quin Gold, and black and white crayon. Underneath, pencil lines. Nothing more, nothing less.






  1. Simone Nijboer

    Thanks so much, Dotty!
    I think it cost me about 10 minutes. Maybe even less. Only two colors of paint – and with Quin Gold it looks good within seconds ;-)

  2. Dotty Seiter

    Oh! Somehow I missed this yesterday.

    I love that you went ‘even simpler.’ Perfect! You are my hero right now as I find my way through some unusually busy weeks with many competing demands!

    No matter how full a day may be with pressing tasks, I never regret making space for at least a few minutes to honor my need and wish to engage with creating art.

    I know you didn’t clock this painting, but do you have an estimate as to how much time you may have given to it? I ask because I am often surprised at how ‘long’ even a quick, small, intuitive bit of painting with only a few materials can take me!


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