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Daily Painting: Painting on a Saturday

Dear reader,   Today it's Saturday, and I paint! I am so out of my rhythm of daily painting, that I'm now painting on the weekends, in stead of in the workweek. I hope to publish my book soon, so I can get back to a regular practice. But for today, it was fun to...

Daily Painting: Collage again!

Dear reader, I'm searching for bits and pieces of time to keep my art inspiration alive. Today I took a quarter of an hour to make a collage of an old painting. It is not very sophisticated, but still, I was able to add a little bit of visual inspiration to my...

Dear reader, I'm trying to get into my painting routine, but it's not easy since I'm writing a book at the same time. I'm still looking for cues how I can get my daily routine back. Bye!Simone(ps: this is another painting-diary try-out).

Daily Painting: Starting up again

Dear reader, Today is the first day after a few weeks in France, that I'm painting again. I did so by making a few sketches on copy paper, with only black, white, grey and  turquoise paint, and crayons.It's fun to be in the flow again. I'm looking forward to...

Daily Painting: A postcard from the drawer

Dear reader, Under my desk, I keep a big drawer with old paintings, and scraps of painted paper that still have beautiful reusable pieces on them. Today I didn't have time to paint, but I wanted to make something, so I opened this drawer, and: yes! This was what came...

Daily Painting: Blues and Reds

Dear reader,   Today I wrestled a bit with this one, but what I like about all this painting experience that I have 'under my belt' so to speak, is that I just keep going, until something acceptable shows up. It doesn't have to be great. But even if I would paint...

Daily Painting: Negative space

Dear reader, Today another painting in my art diary.I have painted a lot of paintings using the principle of 'negative space'. Making colorful paintings, and then covering up a lot of it. The pieces that are not covered  'pop up' more - because the rest of it is...

Daily Painting: Being So Called Busy

Dear reader, Today I was so-called-busy, but thanks to my friend Dotty I was inspired to paint anyway. Only took a quarter of an hour or so. No spectacular results, but I had fun! Bye!

Daily painting


On this blog, I post my (almost) daily painting journey. Every day (except weekends and holidays) I try to make time to sit down and paint. Sometimes only something tiny… Be welcome to have a look!

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