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Daily Painting: painting again

Dear readers,   Apparently I haven't been painting for almost two weeks! I don't know where the time flew. I know I'm busy with other work, but didn't realize I left my painting THAT long!   I made two small paintings. The second one didn't work out at all,...

Dear readers,   Today I made two postcards. Fun!   bye! Simone

Daily Painting: Combinations

Dear readers, A while ago I bought painting cardboard of 20"/26". I wanted to paint on square format, so I cut off a piece of 20"/6" I divided this one in three pieces of 6/"6", and in between there were two 'bookmarks' of 6"/1". At first I started on the one big...

Daily Painting: Lots of paintings!

Dear readers, You wouldn't say it when you look at the amount of blogs lately, but I painted a lot in the past period. Almost every evening after dinner I went upstairs and painted for an hour or so (not during the weekend, by the way). When I'm done it is so late...

Daily Painting: first paintings in my renewed studio!

Dear readers,   Past 1,5 week, Steven and I worked very hard on my room. I rearranged everything, and now my¬† painting 'department' is a lot bigger! I have 1) a bigger table, 2) a bigger wall (important, because I have a sloped ceiling), and 3) I have more floor...

Daily Painting: New brushes!

Dear readers,   Today, another 30/30 cm painting! It's the second layer on yesterday's second painting. Hardly anything left of that layer! I painted with my new paintbrushes that I ordered yesterday. Yesterday I was watching Flora Bowley's free 'Together Apart-...

Daily Painting: A new layer!

Dear readers,   Today I added a totally unexpected layer on yesterday's painting. Yesterday I didn't like it so much (too loud), and today I decided to give it a second chance.   And also I made a start with a second 30/30 cm painting.   I see the...

Daily Painting: 30 x 30 cm again!

Dear readers,   Today I worked on a 30/30 cm piece of wallpaper. It's so much fun to be in the flow again! Yesterday I hit 'buy' for two shiploads of art supplies. (or so it seems to me - at least it was quite a bit of money that I spent ;-)). It will take a bit...

Daily Painting: a bit bigger

Dear readers,   Slowly, I'm starting to paint a big bigger again. This one is on wallpaper again, 30/30 cm (12x12 inch). I really love it!   bye! Simone

Daily Painting: Yellow!

Dear readers, Today I made again three small paintings (A5 more or less), and this time I saw yellow popping up in the third one. Yes! I like that!   bye! Simone   ps: below I put a video of the journal that I'm working in. You have to watch the video with...

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On this blog, I post my (almost) daily painting journey. Every day (except weekends and holidays) I try to make time to sit down and paint. Sometimes only something tiny… Be welcome to have a look!

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